Marketspace Bergen

BSAA designs new market place in Bergen

In the proposal “Markedsmosaikker ved Våget” we establish an organizational and spatial principal to re-think the Scandinavian market place as a main contributor to the urban quality and prosperous urban life of Bergen city.

We introduce an “o” shape market structure to facilitate rationality and flow.

An analysis of the wind conditions within site boundary gives us the ability to establish sheltered areas simply modelling the programmatic volume.

North-south beams are extracted from the volume to frame views of Brüggen.

We incorporate extra programme such as sustainable gardens, event stairs and viewpoints to formulate a vibrant multifunctional urban environment.

We create a flexible market structure with “folding” facades, completely open, completely closed or something in between.

Architect: BSAA Arkitekter

Client: Municipality of Bergen

Year: 2009